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Welcome to Access Cable Trays. We are excited you visited our website and we want to share with you the latest innovation to cable organization.

Access Cable Trays is owned and operated by Irvine Access Floors, Inc.

Irvine Access Floors, Inc. has been in the access floor business for over 53 years. Our expertise in the products, installation, and materials involved will assist anyone interested in purchasing a new or refurbished flooring system and the accessories that go along with it.

With most access flooring systems, comes underfloor cables. Cable organization has been an ever occurring challenge in most data centers and server rooms. Well, we have found the perfect solution. Access Cable Trays is a simple snap in system that can be placed in any access floor system. This patented design is highly recommended to those looking for an easy and flexible way to organize their cables. We offer everything from single level tray systems to multiple tier systems. Trust us when we say "Access Cable Trays are the best in the business!"

Contact us today and be confident that all your questions about access flooring will be answered today.

Dan MacLennan
Director of Sales

We are proud to be Made in USA and an approved GSA manufacturer. For additional information, please click on this link.