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Access flooring cable tray systems.

The smarter way to build computer rooms & smart office buildings.

Intelligent, patented design, easy cable access and sturdy construction deliver more effective cable management capabilities. Designed, patented and engineered with innovative features and benefits that provide extremely efficient cable management while significantly lowering your life-cycle costs, the ACT / FloorFlex System is the right choice for data center, switch room and office application. By making full use of standard grid spacing, the system is so flexible that it can be installed or retro-fitted without conflict with the access flooring structure itself.

Cable trays can be located just inches below the finished floor for easy access - even as close as two inches - so making changes or repairs isn't a back breaking, time consuming job. Handy Cable Tray Dividers allows you to nestle large bundles of cables neatly within the divider channels without having to tie wrap them, greatly reducing time spent replacing, moving or adding new cables - and lowering life-cycle costs at the same time. Because the system is based on 24-inch and 48-inch modules, it has the strength and versatility to be ramped up or down beneath the finished floor surface by simply adjusting the height of the vertical supports. For multi-level applications, the system can also be installed in a stacked or parallel configuration. Constructed carefully of solid, high-quality materials, the ACT/ FloorFlex System answers all your cable management needs now - while giving you maximum flexibility and accessibility in the future.

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